A group of well-meaning individuals has come together to institute The ILM Foundation. The ILM Foundation, as a catalyst, intends to provide a complimentary effective platform to the K-12 schools aspiring to provide value-inspired and virtue based world class modern education. The intent is to empower the net-work associates with full dignity in the true spirit of fairness and benevolence, to design, deliver, manage and continuously improve their respective systems, while maintaining their individual entities. The strategy is to be based on interactive participation of all, as equals, for co-evolution of concepts as well as for their implementation.

The Ultimate Vision Statement

The Ultimate Vision of TIF is to produce competent Muslims through an effective educational system.

TIF is an institution, which will achieve its Ultimate Vision through developing, establishing and facilitating educational initiatives and institutions. TIF will be financed by endowment amongst others.

The members of the Core Group of TIF shall strive to excel and inspire others in all aspects of life based on Islamic values.