About C.E.E.



C.E.E.—TIF is  a Teacher’s Training Organization working from 2011 to develop and enhance  professional attitude and understanding  of teachers through Teacher Training Programs. It provides opportunities to acquire skills required for teachers to improve the standards of teaching and learning.

The ILM Foundation, as a catalyst, intends to provide complementary effective platform to the K-12 schools aspiring to provide value-inspired and virtue-based world class modern education. The intent is to empower the net-work associates with full dignity in the true spirit of fairness and benevolence, to design, deliver, manage and continuously improve their systems, while maintaining their individual entities.
The strategy is to be based on interactive participation of all, as equals, for co-evolution of concepts as well as for their implementation.

Excellence Through Education


To produce competent Muslims through professional development of teachers.


Achieving excellence in education through teacher training.

Programs offered by CEE-TIF

CEE-TIF facilitates training programs for pre-service /in-service teachers  and parents.

  1. One Day Interactive Workshops – Personal/Professional Development Course (PDC)
  2. Master Trainer’s Certificate  Course
  3. ECE Certificate Course
  4. Awareness Sessions for Parents
  5. Guidance Sessions for Learners
  6. School Development Plan for Administrators/Principals/Coordinators



  • Need Analysis through surveys
  • Meetings and consultations
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Training Programs
  • Feedback
  • Certification
  • Follow up support

Role of Teachers

Teachers are the most valuable resource schools have. Improving the teachers’ quality is a necessity, indeed and the most  important factor which influences the students’ achievements.

Having a very effective teacher versus a very ineffective teacher can  make a difference  of more than a  year’s growth in a student’s life. Having multiple effective teachers versus multiple ineffective teachers  can make or break a student’s entire learning experience.


More than 1000 teachers in collaboration.